Our Top Picks for Summer.

Posted on June 21 2017

Top Picks for Summer

Happy solstice everyone! Summer is hands down my favorite season and I love things that help make summer feel like a breeze! Here are my top picks for effortless, happy, fun in the sun plus my favorite garden sun tea recipe to sip when temps rise!  



This kimono is the most versatile piece in my summer wardrobe. Go from poolside to date night and everywhere in-between. Layer over shorts, a swimsuit or a little black dress to instantly level up your summer look.  

Big Hoops:


Hoop earrings are a girls best friend, wardrobe staple and in my opinion, the only piece of jewelry you need for summer. Thin, delicate, and lightweight these hoops won't weight you down on all your summer adventures.

The Festival Bag:

Festival Bag

Available in store or contact me for details

This bag is just the right size to hold all your necessities, has a perfect length cross body strap and won't weigh you down while you're dancing the night away. 

For the Sun-worshiper:

Sun Worshiper Serum

For those times you have a bit too much fun in the sun Sun Worshiper Serum will help brightening dark spots, sooth sun burns, and improve your over-all skin health and tone with a blend of healing botanical's and oils. 

The One Item if you Were Stuck on a Dessert Island:

This multitask-er never leaves my purse and instantly brightens lips and cheeks with a universal color that looks amazing on everyone. The lip and cheek stain is handcrafted from all natural ingredients and dyed with natural alkanet root. 

Summer Solstice Sun Tea Recipe:

Summer Sun Tea

I used fresh herbs and flowers from the garden. You can purchase all of these dried as well but the amounts are concentrated so you'll need to adjust to taste

  • Equal Parts large bunches of Mint and Lemon Balm (or lemon verbena)
  • 10 Chamomile Flowers
  • 15 Lavender Flowers

Stuff into a large mason jar and fill with filtered water. Let it sit in the sun for 5 or more hours, strain and enjoy with a little honey over ice. 

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