Palo Santo Body Oil

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Palo santo body oil will transport you into a ritual state of self care. All the smoky wonderful scents of it's namesake wood used in South American spiritual cleansing rituals. Use this body oil in after a shower, in a bath, to prepare for meditation, or just to be mentally ready for the day. Copal resin-infused oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and known to aid the healing of skin issues and ease muscle pain.

INGREDIENTS // Helianthus annuus* (sunflower) oil infused with Bursera microphylla^ (gold copal) and/or Protium copal^; Carthamus tinctorius* (safflower) oil, essential oils of Bursera graveolens^ (palo santo), Copaifera reticulata/Copaifera officinalis^ (Copaiba Balsam), Citrus aurantium var. bergamia* (bergmot FCF, non-photosensitizing), and Vetiveria zizanioides* (vetiver), Bursera graveolens^ (palo santo), Bursera microphylla^ (gold copal) and/or Protium copal^ resin, tocopherols (vitamin e non-gmo), and good energy

*organic ^wildcrafted

Comes in 2oz glass bottle with pump and palo santo wood stick

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